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Friday 24th-Sunday 26th June 2016


The Ukulele Festival of Wales will be based at the Gower Heritage Centre on Friday 24th-Sunday 26th June 2016, set in the heart of the Gower Peninsula in South West Wales. The Centre is a visitor attraction and rural life museum based around a working 12th century water-mill.

In addition to the Festival, the centre has craft shops, craft activities, old fashioned games arcade, sandpit area,adventure playground, soft play area, tractor play area, an animal farm with chicks, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, sheep and horses and is home to La Charrette Wales' smallest cinema.

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The Gower Inn has kindly agreed to host a "Friday Evening Festival Taster" which will kick off a mighty festival weekend. Bring your ukes for the "Fun Strum”




Welcome to the First ever Line-up of Ukulele Festival of Wales


Redshirt (Aka Matt Hicks) has been writing and performing his songs for longer than he is comfortable admitting. Originally a sensitive flower with an acoustic guitar, Redshirt picked up a ukulele ten years ago for something a little different. Since then the ukulele has insidiously made it's way to becoming his main instrument. Legend has it that a guitarist could walk down to the crossroad and sell their soul to the devil in exchange for the ability to play the blues . Redshirt thinks he might have inadvertently done the same whilst carrying his ukulele, possibly at a roundabout in Plymouth. Since then he has become a respected singer songwriter of blues, bluegrass and folk(ish) original songs written and performed on his Uke. Peppered in between are covers of the songs closest to his heart which he likes to think he has made his own.

Pete Moss

Peter Moss has been playing the banjolele and ukulele since 12 years of age. Today he runs successful workshops,From being virtually unknown 18 months ago, to being in regular contact not only from the UK, but across Europe, the Far East, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia to name a few countries.

Michael Adcock

Michael from Ludlow is an amazingly talented young artist who has been thrilling crowds throughout the UK festival scene, so needless to says it's fantastic news to have him perform for us at the Ukulele Festival Of Wales. Fast fingers and immaculate style! Look out Ukulele world, Michael Adcock is coming! A must-see, must-know musician and performer.

The Ukulele Uff & Lonesome Dave Trio

The Ukulele Uff & Lonesome Dave Trio is comprised of Chris 'Ukulele' Hough on ukulele, 'Lonesome' Dave Searson on guitar and 'Brother' Bill Leach on Hawaiian guitar. They specialize in obscure 1920's and 1930`s jazz, tin pan alley songs and traditional Hawaiian music with a skill and authenticity that is rare today. Hailing from Liverpool, a city with a rich musical heritage and it's very own mythical bird. The trio started life as all good trios do, as a duo. Chris (who takes influence from ukulele greats such as Roy Smeck and Ukulele Ike) and Dave appeared on the ukulele scene over night when footage from their first public performance in a variety show at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall was uploaded to youtube in 2012.

Gary Phillips Amigos Trio

Gary has performed all over the globe and will be playing a special set of tunes showing the potential of the ukulele in many different styles including Hawaiian, Latin, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, Ragtime, Blues, Old-Timey, Contemporary and more,Gary will also be Providing Workshops for the Ukulele at the Festival.

Captain Cat and the Sailors

Formed for a talent contest in late 2008, Captain Cat and the Sailors are a Swansea based folk outfit who perform with verve. Playing a range of styles including traditional, contemporary and shanties, their performances are rarely forgotten. Whether singing ballads, telling stories or playing their own creations they are sure to entertain.


Chonkinfeckle shot to national fame in 2014 when their song ‘I’m from Wigan me’ became the official anthem of Wigan Athletic’s journey to the F.A. Cup semi-finals, which included the then Chairman, Dave Whelan making a guest appearance on the video!Chonkinfeckle’s songs tell of true(ish) stories of everyday life in a Northern town including work, wives, kids, even the Mother-in-law! And they’ll chuck in the occasional bit of local dialect too!

Percy Copley

Percy Copley performs a variety of songs with a ukulele - entertainment with fun and laughter. Jazz, blues, country, folk - Fats Waller to Lyle Lovett, Blind Boy Fuller to Gillian Welch. Soprano Uke, reso Uke and tenor Uke, fingerpicking and stonking rhythm! He started playing ukulele from a young age, entertaining at school and local events. After drama college he worked in theatre and music as a professional actor, singer and musician. He has played at several festivals in the uk and Europe and recently completed 23 years at Disney in France, playing and singing in different groups and shows.

Percy Copley's fingerpicking workshop will introduce a new dimension to your ukulele playing. The ukulele can be played in a finger style very effectively.Using picking patterns you will quickly unlock your right hand and find a new way to accompany yourself and also play solos. Playing basic patterns you will soon build up a collection of things to use and carry on to invent your own.He will also use a simple blues tune to start you playing melody and rhythm to a rocking beat. Unleash your fingers and have fun!

AD Cooke

AD Cooke is a singer, musician, performer, songwriter and vocal coach, she started playing guitar and piano at the age of eight. Coming from a family of musicians and performers, AD has developed her slick stagecraft and performance over many years of gigging with bands and musicians which is now reflected in her own unique style.Her ‘trained voice’ is described by many as powerful, but very easy on the ear!AD has spent years training and studying the voice and works as a vocal coach teaching modern singing techniques, she regularly holds workshops for voice, performance and songwriting.During her career she has performed with The Drifters, Big Country, Edwin Star, Dr. Feelgood, The Sweet, The Grumbleweeds, The Real Thing, and many famous comedians including Peter Kay, Frank Carson, Stan Boardman, Bernard Manning and Billy Pierce, to name but a few! More recently she has shared a stage with some of the biggest names on the Ukulele circuit including Chonkinfeckle, Manitoba Hal, The Mersey Belles, Mike Hind, Ben Rouse, Michael Adcock and many many more!

Eddie Cromie

Ed originally comes from Doncaster South Yorkshire but has now lived and worked in South Wales for the past 35 years. He is a self taught guitarist and ukulele player having being inspired by the bands of the 50's, 60's and 70's. His interest in the ukulele was sparked in the early 70's by the Paul McCartney album 'Ram' on which the instrument was featured.Since then his musical influences have expanded across all genres and now encompass folk, jazz, blues and rock. Having never been able to settle on a particular style of music expect a mix of songs from across the spectrum.The Ukulele Festival of Wales will mark Ed's debut of performing in public with the ukulele as his main instrument, an event which he is particularly looking forward to. See you there.

Plucking Fourstrings

The legendary Plucking Fourstrings (careful how you say it) began in the back of the Gower Pub in Cardiff. Over the last two years the rocking rabble of ukulele enthusiasts have doubled in number and are now the resident musicians at the Andrew Buchan Bar. When they are not drinking or falling over they tear through a repertoire of old classics and current chart material. Often to the wildly gyrating and hysterically screaming audiences from various Care and retirement homes. They are a fixture at various Charity events and support many a good cause. The rumour is not true that most of the money they raise is as a result of being paid off by promoters after performing only one or two chaotic numbers.

The Porthcawl Ukulele Band

The Porthcawl Ukulele Band (PUB) is a club that meets each Wednesday from 8 until late to play and sing at the Greenacres public house, They have appeared on Bridge FM and twice on the Roy Noble Show, BBC Radio Wales. They opened up for Gino Washington at Port Talbot's Princess Royal Theatre, have accompanied the late Stan Stennet and have played at the Wales Millennium Centre to welcome celebrities that included Rob Brydon, Wynne Evans, Peter Karrie and Boyd Clack.


Workshops will be for One Hour Each


All Styles

In This Workshop Gary will be teaching Various strumming techniques, fingerstyle melodies and musical style such as Folk,Blues,Jazz,Classical,Tin Pan Alley, Ragtime,Vaudeville,Hawaiian.

SUNDAY 1.15-2.15pm.

Location: Mount Pisgah Church, Parkmill.


Singing / Harmony

In this Workshop Roland will be teaching,singing and in particular vocal harmony and since Roland was brought up in a Welsh musical family, he gained much experience in singing ranging from choral to smaller ensembles. If you want to find an easy and fun way to learn how to sing harmony by ear then this is the course for you. No note reading, no bogging down in music theory, learn to sing harmony intuitively. Just come along and enjoy!

SATURDAY 2.15-3.15pm.

Location: Mount Pisgah Church, Parkmill.


Strumming Techniques

In this workshop, you will learn three types of strums: the five finger strum, the triple strum and the flamenco strum. Each of these strums are unique in their own way and you can incorporate them into any song you want to play, giving your playing a more interesting sound. Hope to see you in the workshop!

Photo courtesy of James Millar Photography.

SATURDAY 11.45-12.45pm

Location: Mount Pisgah Church, Parkmill.



Percy Copley's fingerpicking workshop will introduce a new dimension to your ukulele playing. The ukulele can be played in a finger style very effectively. Using picking patterns you will quickly unlock your right hand and find a new way to accompany yourself and also play solos. Playing basic patterns you will soon build up a collection of things to use and carry on to invent your own. He will also use a simple blues tune to start you playing melody and rhythm to a rocking beat. Unleash your fingers and have fun!



SUNDAY 12-1pm.

Playing a Song

Percy Copley's workshop will focus on taking a song and turning it into a performance. Choice of keys, intros, accompaniment styles, instrumental solos using chords and melody, endings etc. Tips for choosing the right songs for you and learning songs by heart. Free yourself from your songbook! Learn by ear and by playing along. And by having fun!

Location: Mount Pisgah Church, Parkmill.


A Pocket Full Of Riffs

A pocket full of riffs is to demonstrate short 1 & 2 bar generic type riffs that can be used as intros/endings of songs in various styles from hawaiian, jazz, blues, country, modern etc., and as I always do for workshops I will provide to all those who attend (via email) an audio mp3 lesson for all examples for further study at home.

SUNDAY 2.30-3.30pm.

Location: Mount Pisgah Church, Parkmill.



A part of the Gloucestershire folk and acoustic scene since the mid 90’s, Sarah Kelly has more recently be known for her passion for the fostering of ukulele at grass roots level, through her teaching business “UKE-CAN”-Ukulele Lessons. Jump aboard one of her free beginner sessions and UKE-CAN be playing and singing Rock and Roll classics in a matter of minutes! As one of the duo “jUnKiEs”, she performed near and far, still finding time to write the world’s first ever ukulele pantomime! Now embarked upon an individual voyage of uke-tastic discovery- sometimes supported by the rocking bass of “Gaz Le Bass” of the “Del Ray Rockets”, dropping anchor here, there and everywhere with new songs, old songs, blue songs, rocking songs but, always, TRUE songs. A voice, a few more than several ukes....and so much more! photo by Tammy Lynn


FREE open all hours.

Location: Gower Heritage Centre, Parkmill


Opening Times

Gower Inn : 5pm to 11pm

Gower Heritage Centre : Saturday 10am to 11pm Sunday 10am to 8pm


  • SATURDAY - £ 20

  • SUNDAY - £ 10

  • WEEKEND - £ 25


    0-2 yrs FREE

    2-16 yrs £5.75 per day

    ( Standard ghc fees apply )

  • Workshop Fee is £10 and is payable at the Festival

Festival Tickets Available from Derricks Records below

Ticket hotline 01792 654226



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